As a fanatic about anything skin care I enjoy nothing better but to visit a handful of skin care counters to test the latest products from cleansers to face masks to “vitamin induced” skin serums.  More often than none do I come away with yet another purchase when I haven’t even started the one I bought a couple of weeks ago, still, it will make my skin look great when I finally get round to using it. Or will it?

Unfortunately my diet lacks balance and come to think of it nowhere near enough fruit and vegetables to provide my biggest organ with essential nutrients to help it work to its optimum. Consisting mainly of dairy, white pasta, bread and a great hobby of mine: putting together a rich chocolate tray bake, or whatever I can mix the melted chocolate in to!

I am “a fanatic about anything skin care” however ironically it is clear that I need to pay attention to what my skin really needs rather than go along the lines of slapping a cream on my face and voila, I have glowing skin!

So as a university student at Abertay Dundee I have decided to take my skin on a radical detox based on feeding my skin through my diet (of course I could not give up my strict cleansing, toning and moisturising regime), however I do think that along with educating myself with “super skin” foods in conjunction with my skin routine it will help me on my conquest to having naturally glowing healthy skin.


I would just like to say that I am not a dermatologist nor a qualified nutritionist, however, as a 4th year university student studying food I do see myself as someone with the skills and abilities to distinguish between relevant and accurate information that I aim to educate myself on and in turn share it with you lovely readers!

I encourage you to comment on this blog and share with me any fantastic skin foods that are out there that you know of!


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